Saving your time and money

  • Affordable – The all-inclusive rates allow you to save significantly on your current transport costs. International experience demonstrates Car Sharing savings of 50%-60% over private car ownership.
  • Convenient – Cars are located a short walking distance from homes, work places and public transport.
  • Reserved parking – No more endless searches, exorbitant parking charges and extortionate fines.
  • Flexible – Take the car for as long as you want. Book in advance or last minute.
  • Hassle free – All cars are insured, serviced and cleaned by the company itself, removing all of the costs and hassles of car ownership.
  • A new alternative – It helps you save time and money, without compromising convenience or mobility.

Helping the environment and community

International studies have consistently demonstrated the significant environmental and social benefits to be gained from Car Sharing.

  • Each Shared Car replaces 5 to 10 privately owned cars –
    • Less parking is required to meet the driving needs of the same number of people
    • Existing parking’s are used more efficiently
    • Green space is preserved and can also be reclaimed
    • Older cars are replaced with new, regularly upgraded models possessing stringent emission controls.
  • Vehicle Kilometers Traveled reduced by upto 70%
    Most vehicle owners ignore the ‘sunk’ fixed costs of owning a vehicle and consider only variable costs (i.e. fuel) when comparing the economics between transport modes – driving thus seems like a cheap transport option, when in fact, it is extremely expensive.In contrast, because the members pay by the hour, they tend to drive only when it makes sense. They walk more, take the occasional bus or clump their errands together into one trip.

The resulting benefits:

  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions and particulates
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Use of the most efficient transport or vehicle category – walking, biking, public transport, taxi or the appropriate model of Shared Car !
It costs you thousands of dollars a year to own a car in the city, especially if you factor in all the hidden costs, including parking!


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