A CARSHARE car is faster, easier and more flexible than a rental car because:

  • CARSHARE is self-service 24/7 – no annoying queues or paperwork
  • CARSHARE cars are parked near you, rather than big depots that are hard to get to
  • CARSHARE prices are easy to understand and we don’t have any hidden charges (ie insurance, registration, stamp duty, petrol)
  • CARSHARE billing system automatically works out if your trip would be cheaper on the hourly rate or the daily rate, saving you money off a daily rental if you don’t need it.


Company: Avis CAR SHARING
Car type: Small economy car Range of cars for the same price
Location: 30 minutes by taxi or public transport A few minutes walk
Hourly rate: Not Available $4.90 or $7.50 per hour
Daily rate:


Petrol You pay plus re-fuel on return We pay. Free up to 150 kms per day-  then pay only $0.20 per km beyond
Insurance excess $2750 $1250
Excess Reduction $20 per day Option of extra $1 per hour (minimum of 5 hours) or $18 per day
$64.04 or $84.04 (with excess red.)
For 3 hours to see mum* = $21.70 or $26.70 (with excess red.) or
$68.00** for the day
3 day hire
$192.12 you pay for petrol
$204 plus 450 kms of petrol
* Based on 3 hours at $4.90 per hour and 20 kms (0.35 per km). Mums can be substituted by Beach or Shopping if desired.
** $68 per day includes 150km free and $0.20 per km thereafter.

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