Something Personal about Car sharing.

Enormous amount of land and capital are bound up with cars, roads and public spaces. This is a result of high levels of private car ownership. Although in many medium and high-density urban areas, many people walk, cycle and use public transport, there are occasions where they still see need for some car travel. This is the ” MOBILITY GAP” that Car-sharing seeks to fill.

Car sharing addresses the two basic problems –

1. The ownership Problems

2. Heavy reliance on Cars.

Car sharing is a strategy that seeks to meet the mobility gap between public transport and private motor vehicle travel. Since it has to meet the varying demands of the people, it should be called as ” VEHICLE SHARING” and not Car sharing.

Ideally ,Vehicle sharing fleet should consider:

–  Hybrid vehicles ( Petrol + electric )

–  Pedal powered vehicles with electric assistance capability.

–  Motorbikes

–  Small trucks

–  Station wagons

–  Four wheel drives

–  Luxury vehicles.



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