Something more about carsharing

A couple of lectures with Soumitri, a couple of talks and discussions with Liam, and some timely chat with my team-mates in last couple of days……..were somewhat helpful in getting some key insights about car sharing……….but more importantly, Simon Curlis, the lecturer at RMIT, had a very brief chat with us , and it really gave a NITRO BOOST to the whole Australian mentality …….and a very different  perspective to how and what the aussies think about their cars and the journeys !!!  Well, i could say one thing…….introduction of a Muscle car into carsharing business would just what the people here could want !!!

The thing about the Aussies is that they love everything big !!  Right from their Holdens, which grew from huge 4 litre v8’s to  intolerable 7 litre mega monsters…………to their appetite, their unlimited love for sports……the list will never end…….but one good example tht Simon gave was that of the Desk ….if he keeps one basket on a desk daily………he will make a huge desk , hoping that tomorrow someone MIGHT  JUST  put another 100 baskets  on that desk !!!!!


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