Some crucial things about the concept !

  • Car should be easily identifiable – brightly colored or branded ( but not with too much advertisements )
  • Not a huge car – at least 4 passengers can fit easily.
  • Flexible  Interiors.
  • Allowance for carrying pets
  • Good coffee cup holding arrangements
  • I-Pod dock
  • GPS dock for direct communication with the car
  • A van like arrangement – for excursions, long journeys, load carrying capacity, space for a bike.

Thus, its a pretty clear picture for me now – My visualization for a ideal car for Car-share system would fall somewhere between a city car and a multi-purpose vehicle – A car which would serve both the functions – PRACTICALITY of a city car , and the JOY of an outdoor excursion vehicle , offering a great deal of flexibility and enjoyment of the long drives – and yes…..also make sure that the user doesn’t miss his own vehicle by feeling alienated inside the car !


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