A New Dimension to Sustainability – to work hand-in-hand with car-sharing program

Sell Sustainability

As natural resources diminish everyday, a sustainable way of making products slowly also becomes economic. Sustainability and a flourishing economy don’t have to be enemies. Far from it!

William mcDonough is an architect that takes this vision into practice and builds factories and buildings that are both more economic and more sustainable. Read more on MSNBC ( google it … )

Similar to solar panels, sustainable products can be an investment. A high purchasing price might return low usage costs. But solar panels don’t sell…

There are four types of people in making choices financially –



3.advise sensitives

4.ease orientated.

Solar panels only aim at the small group of controllers that have an idealistic view on the environment. This ‘brand’ should aim at the other three groups by using the message of ‘Enabling people to show-off their environmental consciousness’.

The Lease program

> Cars stay in ownership of the company.

> Leasing means a contract for three years or a certain amount of kilometers, after that a new car can be purchased.

> Now the difference: after three years the car is being ‘upcycled’: parts like a fuel-cell and electro motors   might be updated and reused in the new models, while structural- and bodyparts are shredded and recycled into a new car.

> All is done in a ‘green’ facility that gets its energy from natural resources.

> Customers pay for the hippest sizzle on the street and can keep up-to-date.

> These cars do not have to be expensive.

> This approach doesn’t have to stay limited to cars.

Hydrogen Filling Station

A solution to the distribution problems of introducing hydrogen as a fuel can be a network of self sustaining filling stations. These self-service stations use wind and solar energy to convert water into hydrogen. The water could even be reused from the cars.


2 thoughts on “A New Dimension to Sustainability – to work hand-in-hand with car-sharing program

  1. idea sounds ace !…
    how about the car being able fold up at the end of the ride and rise vertically ?, so i could go from the driver’s seated position to a standing position inside ther car and need only half the usual parking space ?

    more ideas 🙂 why not have the government design major highways in such a way that vehicles can move in each others slipstream and maybe have some way of redcuing drag and therefore the vehicles would need less energy to travel at faster speeds ? …crazy idea…but see it all too often in formula 1 ;P

  2. Hey have u seen the movie – ” I-ROBOT “…….in that the Audi RSQ parks itself in the similar way as you had described …… thats year 2035….and why not !!! Had this been any other project, i would have surely made it park in that kind of way…..but here in car-sharing , the whole concept revolves round the fact that people will give up their cars……..that means , no more parking problems………one car SHARED will replace at least 10 cars on the road ( that figure is actually true !!!! )……….and off course………people wont be relying on the CARS anymore…….since it will be a part of city’s public transport system………so parking wont be an issue as such………

    But the last idea that u gave……the F1 inspired one……..about the slipstreaming thing…….i just WISH……….just dearly WISH that would happen………but u seee……..im designing this system for india ( coz its already well running in other countries……..at least started well enough )…….and indian roads, and indian scenario…..you too know it very well !!! 🙂

    But fabulous ideas……..i would definitely be including them in my presentation as a part of ” people’s responses ” ……….and thank you so much for those……..any more ideas…………….surely welcome !!!!!

    SOrry for the late response to your comments though 😦 ……..was very busy in other things…….specially finishing up the cad model…

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